A sample of what we do

We offer consultancy to guide and advise you on web awareness to make this a key element in achieving the objectives and goals of your company or project. For this, we offer development on electronic commerce, informative web pages using content management and develop customised web systems.

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We are professionals with updated knowledge about new technologies and trends in web designs. Offering design corporate services and developing advertisement of products, services and events using various visual strategies and demonstrating all-powerful ideas that are brought up directly to consumers.

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For the marketing implementation strategies carried out through digital media services we offer:

  • Mass emails Platform
  • Adwords
  • SEO
  • Social networks

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Our email service consists of an application that runs on any computer or mobile device with data connection.

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We provide Internet users a storing system for information, images, video, or any content site, system, e-mail and files on our servers in the United States.

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We assign a team of highly skilled designers and programmers for the development of your website to ensure that you stay informed throughout this process. We will provide you access to your personalised website that will allow checking the development of the project.

We use a six step systematic methodology to work in an organised manner:

We will know the company’s goals and needs for your page or web system.

We will define the specific scope of each deliverable to present the project along with their respective development and delivery dates.

We will previously develop the defined deliverables. Starting with the continuing design and web programming or configuration.

We will check the correct functioning of all developments made and visualisation in the different browsers.

We will place your website on the air with real information. At least one training session is performed to manage your website.

We will track your new web system for minor adjustments and corrections, checking for any inconvenient that may present the system.