Why do users leave my website? Main mistakes to avoid

Why do users leave my website? Main mistakes to avoid

Contrary to what many people think, when a company “goes” to the Internet, its main task must be to adapt its products / services and its web to the needs of the users and not to the online marketing. If you do not plan this way, the most likely outcome is that you will get many visits, but few sales, which means there is no profitability.

It is very difficult to observe (remember that everything can be measured on the Internet), how many companies make large investments in online marketing that actually get quality visits to the web, and that once they are on the web, interest decreases significantly Minimum site, High rebound rate, etc.) and virtually sales are minimal.

At the moment, the fault has no other than the company, since it is clear that its web and its products do not convince users. Therefore, it is necessary to know the main aspects by which users quickly leave certain websites.

    • Page Load Time: For 2-3 seconds to load a page, users feel uncomfortable and tend to abandon these sites. If the charging time is even greater, the interest will decrease and abandonment will grow at a great pace.


    • Bad navigation. Users like to find what we are looking for where we want to find it and how we want to find it. For this, the navigation must be intuitive and the structure of the content must be impeccable. Likewise, calls for action must be concrete and concise: “buy here”, “download it now” “contact us”.


    • Excessive audio and video. Especially unbearable are webs with music or that start videos with sounds once you enter them. If there is no button to remove the music or it is difficult to find the source of it, the abandonment is immediate. In addition, these users will surely not return to your website.


    • Content and design boring or obsolete. The trends in web design and design are moving at a very fast pace, so if you do not update the website for 2 or 3 years, the user’s perception will be of abandonment and unreliability.


    • Mandatory records. There is nothing worse than a website that forces you to leave your data just for wanting to see certain information. And even more, that certain forms ask us in a mandatory way certain data that nobody likes to leave: mobile phone, company, position in the company, etc…


    • Poor readability. Design is essential. Background colors are recommended to be smooth (best white color) and played with tones and color ranges to highlight certain areas. In addition, the texts must be large enough to be read well from any distance. On the contrary, it invites a rapid abandonment of the web.


  • Excessive advertising. A website with an excessive advertising load does not like users, who will come to see even intrusive. On the other hand, for some time now Google is beginning to penalize in the Page Rank to the websites that have an excess of advertising publicity.

Date: 08-Aug-2013