What is the correct posture to check our cell phone?

What is the correct posture to check our cell phone?

New technologies are increasingly affecting our health, but now it has been proven that our back and our eyes are the most affected. According to a study published by the medical journal Surgical Technology International, being frequently looking at the screen of the mobile can be detrimental to the spine.

These are instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, which mostly make you tilt your head forward to see the device involuntarily.. It is a position that, according to this study, causes a tension in our spine that over time would cause serious lumbar problems.

Apparently, the ideal posture when using smartphones should be to raise our arm instead of lowering our heads, since, according to this study, a human head weighs between 4 and 5 kilos on average, but when tilted it exerts a tension that increases Up to 27 kilos on the column.


Date: 25-Nov-2015