What is the benefit of having my company on Facebook?

What is the benefit of having my company on Facebook?

We could write a complete book about all the benefits of why your company MUST be on Facebook, but let’s simply detail the main ones:

The high dispersion of opinions

You may not know it, but your company may already have a presence on Facebook and Twitter without you having moved a single finger. How can that be possible? Because we live in an era where information runs fast, where people are the ones who now move information and create trends. Social networks came to spread information throughout the world, bypassing the barriers that different languages ​​and cultures interpose.

Suppose you own a hotel (Hotel Example) and that a guest is not happy with your room. Like every Facebook user, the first thing he will do once he leaves his bags and relax is to write on his wall: “I arrived in Buenos Aires and I am in a bad mood, a disaster the rooms of the Hotel Example.”

The average Facebook user has 130 friends, so that people have already seen that bad comment for your company. Suppose also that the two best friends of our guest and sister write about the comment he made: mocking, laughing, giving advice, etc. This simple fact, generates that not only the 130 friends of our guest have seen it, but also can be reading the friends of these three. Assuming that his best friends are average users (130 friends each) and his sister is a user who dedicates more time Internet (250 users) the number has ascended in a few seconds to 130 + 130 + 130 + 250 = 640 people. In just a few seconds, 640 people (potential clients) have seen that their hotel rooms are “a disaster”. And no one was told, but a friend or acquaintance of them, someone of trust. Do you think that if any of them travel to Buenos Aires, will they choose their Hotel?

Thanks to this simple example, you have captured the power of dispersion of Facebook and the various Social Networks. And it was only a few seconds that I explained. If any “mockery” of your friends is very witty, comments can be propagated to pass the thousands in just a few minutes.

Your company must have a presence on Facebook in order to avoid the dispersion of a bad image of the same and to promote, instead, a positive image.

500 million and adding

Currently Facebook has 500 million users and is in full expansion. After Google, it is the most visited website. Users spend hours on Facebook, following their friends, viewing their photos, whether they are single or in a relationship, etc.
More than 30 billion pieces of content (website links, wall posts and comments, notes, photos, etc.) are shared each month.

People are investing a total of 700 billion minutes a month on Facebook and every day that number is increasing. Do not deprive your company of reaching markets and goals you have not even dreamed yet. Let it fly!

New visitors, new potential customers!

Until more than a year ago, if a company wanted to have a presence on the Internet, it should be at the top of the Google, Bing or Yahoo! Results page. Not on the third page or the second page: on the first 3 posts on the first page of results. What was the use of having a website if visitors were not obtained?

Today Facebook changed all that. Now one can find a niche in Facebook and completely lack of visits from Google and other search engines. One can even generate leads from Facebook without having to send potential customers to your website, but everything is done within it.

The new Google search results page are Facebook’s “Headlines”. Everything is changing, the way you reach your customers and how you do business. The e-commerce is mutating, very gradually in an S-commerce (Social Commerce) or F-commerce (Facebook Commerce).

If your company let the E-commerce wave pass, do not miss this big wave of S-commerce, because everything indicates that it will be a great Tsunami.

Advertising carried to another level

While Google took advertising on the Internet to new levels with the possibility of filtering the same by countries, slots and languages; Facebook Advertising has taken it to a superlative level. In Facebook you will not only be able to choose the country of your potential customers, but you can also choose from various demographic filters.

To give you an idea of ​​this, you can show your advertising only to: men between the ages of 30 and 35, married, living in the city of Buenos Aires and have hobby Golf, during the weekend of 18 and 19 December.

Yes, such is the level your company can achieve with Facebook at very low costs.
Let your company reach the right kind of person, do not waste advertising resources!

Less aggressive marketing

In order to reach customers, the old marketing techniques (television, radio, magazine advertising, etc.) are becoming less and less efficient for one simple reason: their potential customers are tired (fed up in some cases) of constant advertising Your daily life.

What are we beginning to do the users? Simply blocking them or ignoring them every day more and more. One becomes less attentive to the marketing attacks of the companies.

Facebook provides your company with a means through which you can have a pleasant and dynamic communication with your potential customers, without violently breaking into their lives or attacking them with advertisements or promotions. They will enter your company voluntarily, without being forced.

Curiosity, interest, vanity; Are many reasons that will make your potential customers visit. By entering your Facebook page, these visitors will virtually be peering into your sales strategy. It will only take a click on the button ME LIKE to take the first step on that vast descending staircase known as the Sales Tunnel (in the following articles we will analyze this in detail).

If we have done the right thing, we will filter these visitors to sift the powdered gold of your company: your ideal customers. These are not only customers who will buy your products or services, but also provide references to friends, acquaintances and family.

Now that you know the main reasons why your company MUST be on Facebook, the next chapter will tell you how to create and optimize a Facebook page for your company.

If you already have a Facebook page and do not get any results, I invite you to tell us your experience and show us your page. Besides advertising it for free, it will give me the opportunity to change my mind.


Date: 29-Oct-2013