Twitter makes money every time you refresh the “timeline”

Twitter makes money every time you refresh the

The users of this network opened and updated their “timeline” last year about 158,000 million times

Every time a user updates or refreshes their timeline, Twitter makes money. He actually earns a few cents. They explain from “Quartz” that Twitter will issue its quarterly report next week which will include the “timeline views”. It considers these “views” to be the best measure of how their users actively participate.

According to this medium, Twitter earns a tenth of a penny every time a user refreshes their view of their timeline, and given the frequency with which this is repeated, they would be talking about a profitable strategy. Quartz notes that Twitter users opened and updated their timeline last year about 158 ​​billion times. This means that each user updates their timeline about 635 times.

Twitter announced this week a new update of its Android app, which according to Quartz is intended to take advantage of a few cents for refresh. With the improved tools, the user would be more enthusiastic in updating his timeline.

This formula, he explains, is good for both sides. Users are seeing invasively new sponsored content that appears every time it refreshes and Twitter makes money.

Added to this is that Twitter has the patent for the “scrolling update trigger” or what the user knows best as “Slip to refresh”, a gesture present in many mobile applications. Twitter decided not to pursue the companies that used this system because I understood the patent as a broader concept.


Date: 30-Jan-2014