Start your business exclusively on the Internet!

The electronic entrepreneurship, based on Information and Communication Technologies, known as ICT, encompasses all those companies that have decided to start a business exclusively on the Internet with a reasonable capital destined to it, this is the point that differentiates this type of Companies with individual entrepreneurs, a certain capital that will allow some maneuvers, if this is your case we offer some keys about how to create an ICT company.

1._ Objectively analyze the value of your idea

Before undertaking any type of business it is necessary to carry out a previous market study to try to determine the pros and cons of our idea, to study the cases of success and to analyze your possible competitors in the web will help you to pose a clearer scenario and to delineate Strategies for your company to have a differential value.

2._ Focus on providing quality service

This point is the basis of all strategies to develop, your company is new and must position and get customers in a jungle business, so good service and outstanding customer service will make a difference. In your website dedicates a space to the creation of channels of direct communication with the client where you can know their opinions and use them to optimize your service.

3._ Invest in positioning yourself on the web

Being new does not have a history as a company so it is important to get to know quickly and gain prestige with customers, that is why quality service is so necessary. Online marketing strategies based on SEO will allow you to position yourself on the web, and you can use the testimony of satisfied customers to support your service, because at the beginning any recommendation will be useful and welcome.

4._ Develop an organizational culture/strong>

It may be that your company is starting and that being on the Internet this gives you anonymity and does not make it necessary to create large offices, but developing an organizational culture establishing the bases of the service you offer is very important, this will dictate how to communicate with the Customer and the way in which you carry out your business offer.

5._ Works based on real goals

Internet may seem like the goose that lays the golden eggs, but it’s like any other business: to be successful you have to work and be very patient, establish real goals taking into account economic and consumer trends and develop strategic points that can help you To grow: quality, publicity and good external communication.

6._ Consult yourself in all aspects

Not only should you look for collaborators to advertise your company on the web, but also a small group of people who help you in customer service and an attorney who will legally advise you regarding your business. Despite being on the Internet an ICT company has the same needs of a physical company.

7._ Work hard but be patient

Work, work and work, do it strategically, learn about the latest trends of the web, rely on social networks, encompass all the tools necessary to make your business thrive and while you do have a lot of patience, the growth of a Business does not happen overnight, they should concentrate on success as you work to get it.