For the development of your website, the project is assigned a highly qualified team consisting of a graphic designer, a developer and a project manager. This team, worked together with your staff to ensure that you remained informed throughout the entire process. We give you access to a personalized web page that will allow you to see the development of your project. We employ a systematic methodology based on deliveries, which allows us to work in an organized and segmented way; This consists of the following steps:

Gathering Information

It is our first approach with the client, where we meet their company’s objectives and needs for the implementation of the website or web system. Options and possibilities for the implementation of the project are presented, indicating suggestions of strengths and weaknesses to guide our clients on best practices and we plan the deliverables estimating time cost. Finally, the initial development proposal is defined.

Design Solution

Once approved the initial development proposal, the team defines the specific scope of each deliverable to present the project along with their respective deadlines. A delivery solution design document is made.

Deliver Development

It is the phase where the solution design document is executed, developing each deliverable previously defined in the order and duration set out. Usually, the deliverables are carried out in the following order:

  • Graphic Design: delivery of design proposals that determine the graphical interface of the website is done. Including two design proposals. Design proposals may consist of costume made web designs or adapted templates, depending on the provisions of the original proposal.
  • Programming and configuration: Once approved the website design, we proceed to implement the functionality described in the delivery solution design document for each deliverable. If necessary we will migrate information from your old website or the initial information provided by the client will be uploaded.

Functional Testing

The correct functioning of all developments made and visualization in the different browsers is checked. We will install your website on our servers in order to start the quality control stage. Our team will conduct a series of tests to ensure that the project is optimally running.

Launch and Training

After the project’s approval by the client, the website will be placed on the air with real information. At least, one training session will be held for handling the delivered tools.

Project Closing and Support

Once the closing of the project was formalized, its new web system was monitored for the minor adjustments and corrections, during a month, any inconveniences that could be presented by the system were solved and the agreement of the system was evaluated with the agreement in the Initial proposal and the solution document. In addition, new developments for the statutes will be evaluated in later stages.