Macs turned 30

Macs turned 30

Last Friday, January 24, Apple’s well-known Mac teams celebrated their 30th anniversary. That’s already more than 3 decades since Steve Jobs launched the original Apple Macintosh. Two days before its launch, January 22, 1984, the first Mac was announced during the Super Bowl XVIII match.

After 3 decades and dozens of Macs, Apple not only continues to try to innovate in the personal computer market, but has also managed to leave behind several of its competitors.

Philip Schiller, an apple executive, said that all the companies that made computers when the Mac was released no longer exist or do not dedicate themselves to that. “We are the only one who is still standing. We are still in business and growing faster than the rest of the industry thanks to our willingness to reinvent ourselves again and again. ”

While Apple is currently better known thanks to products such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod, Mac computers are still well received and the latest models have had very positive reviews.

Apple created some computers before the original Macintosh, but it was this that put the firm on the right path to become what it is today: one of the largest companies in the technology industry.

Here below we leave the video that the company of Cupertino launched to remember the 30 years of the Macs.