Hyperlapse – The new boom that brings us Instagram

Hyperlapse - The new boom that brings us Instagram

The most anticipated application is called Hyperlapse. You will remember it for two reasons: it is the creators of Instagram and also allows you to publish videos as spectacular as those you see above.

With this application you can make time-lapse videos even on the move. If the result is as incredible as it looks in the videos that the company shares with us, it promises a lot. For now we have been playing with it a little and it fulfills its main purpose with very good note, stabilizing the video and allowing to modify the speed of the time lapse.

The video can be recorded from the application itself, for now only iOS, and we should only choose the playback speed, which can be between 1 and 12x, and then save it on the smartphone.

From there, the path to posting it on our Instagram profile is immediate, and there is no time limitation for recording. Do you test and share with us your creation in the comments?

Here the link to download it on your Iphone or Ipad:


Finally we share an explanatory video of how it works:




Date: 30-Ago-2014