How to protect your Twitter account from malicious links

How to protect your Twitter account from malicious links

Users of the microblog have received direct messages with unknown links that upon clicking can compromise the security of the account in the social network

In recent days a lot of Twitter users have received private messages (DMs) from strangers with malicious links that can compromise account security.

From Twitter they explain that if an account was affected, unexpected tweets can be observed, direct messages sent without the user’s consent, notifications for changes of email or password linked to Twitter, or unrealized use behaviors (such as follow, stop following Or block).

In the case of receiving spam by private message do not click on the link and inform the contacts about the situation. The microblog published in its official blog the following recommendations:

The first action that the user must do is to change his password on this page and, if he can not do it, he can visit the site of consultation. The second step would be to remove access from third-party applications. While the session is started, go to Apps in the configuration and from there revoke the permissions granted to suspicious services.

Finally, the 140-character social network recommends that users remove unwanted tweets, perform anti-virus security checks on their computers, and use secure passwords.


Date: 27-Jan-2014