How to increase your Twitter followers’ participation

How to increase your Twitter followers' participation

This entry in Weblog Magazine explains one of the simplest methods to increase the participation of your followers on Twitter. And that having a lot of participation in Twitter is very useful when the promotion of your blog on the Web is successful. But first, by way of introduction, let’s see what are the ways to promote a blog in order to get more visitors.

Ways to promote a blog

Whether your blog is personal or part of the marketing strategy of a company or organization, the purpose is to direct visits to it. As you probably know, there are four ways to promote your blog:

Appear in the top positions of search engine results (read Google). According to a study by AOL, the first position in the results of a search receives 42.25% of all the traffic that occurs through clicks to the links; While the second only 11.94%. And while the first 10 results (the first page) represent 89.71% of total clicks, the second has a ratio of 4.3%. Achieving organic appearance in the top positions is possible thanks to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. Read more: What every beginner should know to get a good performance in Google results.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Providing an RSS file on your blog is one of the best ways to promote it, as it ensures orderly access to updates. The news aggregator that has taken over from Google Reader (abandoned by Google) is Feedly. Subscribers to the RSS of your blog are loyal and unconditional readers who trust you as a valuable source of the relevant information you bring. Read more: Are you ready for the googlereaderpocalipsis?

E-mail. Despite being a classic marketing tool, it remains critical to quickly promoting a blog. Unlike RSS subscribers, subscribers to your newsletter have provided you with your email address (and possibly your first and last name). You may know certain habits (when they open the mail and where they click). Very important data to send you the information you are interested in or even convert them into potential clients. Read more: Why your blog should have a newsletter.

Social media. No doubt, social networks have provided bloggers with a means of promoting their blogs to a global audience of billions of users. Twitter, for example, is a direct way to address your audience in real time. Read more: Blogs as the first stone of the social media revolution.

How to increase your Twitter followers’ participation

Of these four mechanisms of promotion, effectively, the social media becomes a transcendental importance and begins to be essential in the positioning in Google. As part of the off-page factors (where the incoming links and their quality prevailed), retweets (on Twitter) or “like” (on Facebook) are now valued. Getting your posts so well shared on social networks is paramount. And what is the way to get it? Here are some general tips and a very effective trick that came from one of the recently added features of Twitter.

To increase the participation of your followers in Twitter, there are some generic factors to take into account:

Possessing many followers. Without a good number of followers to amplify the audience (with a retweet, for example) it is impossible to get a good article to be shared.

Quality of contents. Without value content few will get hooked to participate.

However, there are also concrete tactics on Twitter that can increase participation that will lead to increased traffic and possibly sales. One of them is possible thanks to the new function of preview of the images in the timeline of the users. And is that, according to an analysis conducted by Buffer (via A Simple Tip to Get a Huge Increase in Engagement on Twitter), very interesting data on the incorporation of images in tweets (now visible directly without clicking, if it has Employee

Image tweets are bookmarked 89% more.

Image tweets receive 18% more clicks than those that do not.

Image tweets receive 150% more retweets.


Includes engaging, content-related images on some of your tweets to increase your followers’ engagement.


Date: 03-Dec-2013