“Facebook Paper” The new mobile news reader

Facebook will launch on February 3 an application with news selected by a team of publishers.

Facebook has just presented its rumored news application and has called it Facebook Paper. This confirms that the application arrives very soon, on 3 February. This is for now an application for iOS (iPhone) that visually has a lot to do with Flipboard, but whose content is selected and managed by a team of editors on Facebook itself.

Paper is a news application, it is undoubtedly Facebook’s attempt to be present in the media business. Under the premise that you may not get the most important news because you simply are not subscribed to the channels you should. That’s why Facebook has a team of editors that selects the most important news within Paper.

It works similarly to Circa, you can follow topics or interests, in addition to adding the news of your personal Newsfeed your Facebook account. Although the application is something like summarizing news and showing it in a visually beautiful way, Facebook has a clear intention to expand to the news world, at least to the selection of them.

The application will have functions like automatic video playback or the use of lateral movements to view panoramic photos. Nice animations, stories of your interest and especially, news to consume, Facebook dares again with a mobile platform after the Facebook Home fiasco.

Facebook Paper will be available for download on iOS for US Since 3 February.

Source: www.fayerwayer.com

Date: 31-Jan-2014