Dropbox Cheats you sure did not know

Dropbox Cheats you sure did not know

Dropbox is one of the leading cloud file hosting services in the world. It is available in various platforms, as well as in many languages. If we wish we can keep several different devices synchronized with our Dropbox folder to keep the files updated in each of them.

It is likely that at some point you have already tried Dropbox or maybe you are even using it every day, so we decided to leave a collection of Dropbox tricks you sure did not know:

Save files as Favorites: if you make use of the official Dropbox app you can mark any of your files as a Favorite to use later without the need to have an Internet connection.

Store files via mail: to do this we need to have an account on sendtodropbox.com. Once we register, we are assigned a special mail account to which we can send mails with attachments. These attachments will be stored in our Dropbox account.

Get more space for free: Dropbox can provide more than 2GB of space for free. One of the simplest ways to get extra space is through recommendations. For each person you recommend Dropbox and then create an account in the service the capacity of your account will increase by 500MB. 18GB is the limit of free accounts.

Back up your blog: If you have a WordPress blog you can back it up in Dropbox. The “WordPress Backup to Dropbox” plugin will help you do this.

Do you know of another Dropbox trick that you would like to be added to the list?


Source: tecnomagazine.com

Date: 22-Oct-2013