8 tips to take advantage of Pinterest

8 tips to take advantage of Pinterest

The social network Pinterest, famous for being a platform that allows to share photographs and videos, has perhaps been of the social media less exploited by the companies.

It may soon be considered by digital marketing, knowing that in the last year the number of unique visitors increased by 52 percent, according to comScore.

The specialists point out that Pinterest is a tool with a potential for significant diffusion because it is based on the image and the visual impact of the contents. In addition, it is a social network that is expanding rapidly, and is the 5th site that generates more traffic to online stores.

For your brand to benefit using Pinterest, Keyprocom advises:

  1. Choose carefully the images you want to share as they must fulfill a double function: attract the attention of users on one side and maintain a positive online reputation for another.
  2. The published pins must be their own or, if not, submit a correct citation of the source.
  3. Do not forget to “link” the photo you share and include it in the correct category. Pinterest is a tool that exponentially encourages traffic to sites and favors web positioning.
  4. It is essential to work on the description and the tags of each “board” since it facilitates the work of finding and redirecting your content to other users.
  5. The selected images must be of sufficient size so that they can be easily seen and understood by other users.
  6. The descriptions of the pins have to be as precise as possible. For this, you can use hashtags.
  7. Pinterest rewards content that is published and shared on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter improving its relevance and positioning.
  8. Upload videos, interviews or infographics.

The key is to think what kind of material for you, as a social network administrator, you find attractive and what you would like to see; Do not think just like the brand because you run the risk of publishing things that generate little interest.


Date: 15-Aug-2013