8 reasons why your users flee from your web

8 reasons why your users flee from your web

In an era in which we move for instantaneity and lack of time, users tend to look for quick solutions to find, simple to manage and useful for our day to day. Hence the need to have a website that responds to the needs of our potential customers.

Do not forget that our landing page is our business card and, in short, the best way to “enamor” our visitors. A landing page designed with harmony and good taste is paramount if we want the user who has arrived to navigate through our contents.

The simplicity and cleanliness in the content in favor of a greater visuality are the most important factors if we want the user to remember our site, we offer him confidence and, in short, he returns to require of our services.

So why do users leave a website? Today we want to show you an infographic collection of eight main reasons why we miss visits:

1. A bad navigation: if our visitor is frustrated not being able to find what they are looking for. We often tend to try to explain everything possible in the home, when what we have to offer is an intuitive, logical and understandable navigation experience for any user. Perhaps adding a Site Map is best if your page is too broad.

2. Advertising? Fair enough. An excess of ads causes a great rejection among the community and, in the end, we are looking for monetization, but the opposite occurs.

3. Poorly structured content. Order all your content schematically, do not lose users in a tangle that even you do not understand. Group similar content and highlight the content that most users access to your site through search engines.

4. No to videos and audios that play automatically. The effect is practically the same as an excess of advertising banners. If your visitors want to watch a video, let them play.

5. Register to view any content. Forcing users to register to view any content on your site generates mistrust Why should I give my data to someone I do not know? Will they sell my data? If you want your community to register on your site, first pull them in and offer them something of value, so you will give confidence to your users and they will discover what advantages they get from the registry.

6. Not the boring designs! Choose attractive templates according to your business and give them interesting content. It is the only formula for your new visitors to return to the site and follow you on social networks.

7. Difficult readability. Choose your colors and typography well. Attractive design, yes; But that all can see it without damaging the view.

8. Refresh frequently and refresh your content. There is nothing more exclusive than a site outdated for months (even years).

Source: http://shrd.by/J2Q2qz

Date: 19-Oct-2013