7 Ways LinkedIn Can Drive More Traffic To Your Website

7 Ways LinkedIn Can Drive More Traffic To Your Website

For online marketers, success is based on two simple things: traffic and conversions. But how can someone go through all the noise online to capture the prized attention and fans?

One of the best sources of traffic (and often look at less) is LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn. The site is full of business managers and potential customers. The trick is to get them to your site.

Here are seven ways to drive more traffic to your website using LinkedIn:

1. Create a perfect profile. It does not take much research to realize that the human eye is attracted to attractive things. So the better your LinkedIn profile – that is, professional and complete – the better qualified you will appear to the public and people will be more interested in visiting your site.

2. Increase your connections. A good LinkedIn profile has a lot of 1st degree connections – people who accept you as a friend or connection. More connections, equal to more clicks and traffic to your site. Your goal should be to have at least 500 1st grade connections and keep growing from there.

3. Update your status periodically. There is a direct connection between LinkedIn activity and traffic to your site. Plus, you’ll see more traction on LinkedIn posts than on Twitter and Facebook. The more content you share, the more opportunities people will have to interact with it. Try to update your status, once or twice a day, or more if it makes sense for your brand.

4. Join specific groups. One of the best places to share articles or links is within groups. Look for groups that relate to your brand or company. Some groups on LinkedIn have more than 500,000 members. That is a large audience with which you can relate and direct to your site.

5. Create your own group. Creating a group should be a priority for business owners. It allows you to build an audience within LinkedIn and send a message to that target audience each week. Send messages with useful resources and articles from your site. In this way you not only become the resource to turn to for these group members, you will also direct traffic.

6. Customize your profile links. Instead of having the generic links such as “my website” or “my blog” that LinkedIn offers, create a unique “call to action” where you directly tell visitors to click on the links you’ve placed , Such as “Increase Your SEO” or “First Time Home Buyer – Click Here”.

7. Use the blog application. Add the blog app to your profile. This shows the most recent articles in your blog directly on your LinkedIn profile. Not only does this make your profile look more advanced, it also gives viewers a reason to go back to articles on your site.

Source: lincinews.com

Date: 11-20-2013