5 tips for positioning a virtual store

5 tips for positioning a virtual store

At Netosphere we collect the most important tips for successfully positioning a virtual store on the Internet.

Move inventory: Keep your inventory up-to-date, with full descriptions of articles, available stocks, updated prices, and other relevant information. It would be catastrophic for your store that a customer would buy an item they do not have in the inventory.

Move in social networks: A very important tip is to have your site linked to the most important social networks. They allow users to realize a comment via their Facebook account, the service that is posted on their walls and so you will see much more than becoming a person as an advertisement for you; It also allows people to “trine” their articles and share information on any social network. Getting users to post links from your store on their networks is an immense advantage, as I said earlier that they have earned miles of free visits thanks to the publication of their customers.

Comments: One of the main characteristics of Web 2.0 is to allow the participation of customers in our sites. Therefore, it is essential to keep in touch with them and let others read the service’s comments and store articles.

Register your store in Directories: Directories are a great strategy to add visitors and potential customers to stores. Find a good directory and register your site, as the directories have a large flow of visitors that can potentially generate visits and buy in your store. Other backlinks for the topic of positioning in Google and other search engines

Content: Do not just put it in. Also concerned about giving the web something of value, write articles of interest to buyers and advertisers. Search engines will reward you for it.

Date: 30-Jul-2013