10 practical tips to achieve success in social networks

10 practical tips to achieve success in social networks

Marks that penetrate social networks obviously want their digital marketing strategies to be successful; Although it seems like a complicated task, getting good results is easier than it seems, following some best practices.

Access to social networks is one of the main habits of digital consumers, according to a study by the Mexican Internet Association, the use of these media is the third most important activity for Mexican Internet users, with 84 percent , That is, nine out of 10 people use any of these platforms.

And it is in these where consumers now want to find the brands, to find out about their products, to get interesting information, to communicate, to give an opinion, to request personalized attention, to participate, to get discounts and promotions, and so on.

For their part, businesses use social networks as a new channel of communication, promotion and marketing; However, for many they are new tools, so they have not landed their marketing strategies well. Some tips to achieve success in social media are:

1. Set goals. In any strategy it is indispensable to define goals and attainable goals, but neither should be simple. In the end it must involve an effort of all the areas involved for the benefit of the business.

2. Consistency. Publications, tweets, profiles and other content on social networks should consistently reflect who you are, the type of business you are engaged in and the interests of the audience you are trying to attract, you can use your corporate image manual , Sure there are several of these aspects established.

3. Presence. Analyze where your clients are then to establish a strategy only in the appropriate social networks.

4. Relevancy. Your publications should be attractive and relevant to customers, for it offers interesting information, which is useful.

5. Use calls to action. By including them you will get users to look at your profile and publications.

6. Includes links and images. On Facebook, the photos receive 53 percent more “like” than other types of publications, similar results are in other social networks, and the leagues allow customers to delve into information that is of interest.

7. Participate actively. In this sense it is important to strike a balance between being active enough to be present in your audience, but not overdoing it to avoid causing them noise.

8. Interact. One of the main recommendations of channels 2.0 is to encourage dialogue, listening to what the customer demands and responding.

9. Be responsive. Digital channels have created a high expectation for users, they want to be answered quickly, as it only consumes a few minutes and clicks writing and posting a message.

10. Use specialized advertising. The formats offered by social networks allow you to increase the reach of your content.

Source: www.vuelodigital.com

Date: 04-Nov-2013